Kitchen Remodel – A 90% Return on your Investment

Kitchen Remodel – A 90% Return on your Investment

Kitchen Remodel – A 90% Return on your Investment

Here are 5 Reasons you should invest in a kitchen remodel today.

We were asked, so we delivered. Here are 5 reasons to invest in a kitchen remodel and yes, increase your return by %90

1. Improve the functionality of your existing Kitchen

Kitchen Remodel and design is one of the most important things to consider when renovating your kitchen. A proper design should utilize the space available to allow you and your family the most functionality to comfortably work, spend time and create amazing meals in the kitchen. From proper cabinet sizing, to drawer functionality to appliances, the most functional design will allow you to seamlessly access your plates, pots and pans and have an enjoyable cooking experience.

2. Increase your home value

It’s true! A kitchen renovation can increase your home Value by 90% of the amount of money you put into the renovation translating into one of the BEST upgrades you can make for your home today. Meaning, if you spend $20,000 into the remodel you can expect your home value to increase by $18,000 on average. This takes into consideration your existing property value, your neighborhood and overall condition and maintenance of your home. But if you need to start somewhere, we recommend starting with improving your kitchen.

Space is extremely important when considering how to remodel your kitchen.

3. Create a better space for your family

The kitchen by many homeowners is considered the heart of the home. With the “Dinning Room” going out of style, homeowners are spending more time, eating and enjoying the kitchen more. If you find that your family spends most of the time in the Kitchen, make sure to create a space with your Kitchen Remodel that can serve the social aspect as well as utility and function of a regular kitchen.

Creating an entertainers space is very important to many new homeowners looking to make home improvements.

4. Increase energy and water savings with upgrades

Lights, Faucets, Appliances, New Plumbing and Electrical upgrades are all part of a Kitchen Remodel. As a result, homeowners you are guided to make these upgrades with energy efficient solutions further increase their home value while lowering their energy and water usage.

5. Better for your Health

A Kitchen Remodel gives homeowners the clarity, space and ease to maintain a healthy and clean home. A space upgrade can help your health by causing less stress, offering more space for storage which will in turn help your productivity. Furthermore, a clean space can allow your family a bright room to eat, drink and refuel for their daily challenges. 4


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