Artificial Turf

Artificial Turf

Wondering why most residential properties are switching to synthetic turf? Fake grass offers many benefits to both the property, and the individuals living in it! The big importance is that you never need to water your grass again! Can you imagine how much money you will be saving on your utility bills when you make the switch to artificial turf? Better yet, you are helping the environment tremendously by conserving all of that water.

Another reason to make the switch to this popular service is that it is maintenance-free. Say goodbye to spending hours per week taking out weeds and cleaning, or spending money hiring a landscaping company. You can finally sit back and enjoy your front and backyard without having to give it the proper maintenance.

A third reason to make the switch to artificial turf is for children and pets. Fake turf is completely safe for children and pets to play on for hours at a time. It is less likely to see bugs in this type of grass, so you do not have to worry about your pets bringing in ticks or fleas after playtime. Your yard will officially be a clean place to roam around and explore, and your children will look forward to going outside more!

Lastly, synthetic turf works well with rough weather conditions. With real grass, after a rainstorm, your yard may have some flooding and/or wet soil everywhere. It may take several days for your grass to soak in all the water from the rain, which means you most likely cannot walk on the grass without getting wet and dirty. Fake grass will soak up all the water in half the amount of time!

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